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Factoring is an age old short term business financing option. While it has been around for years it has not always been the most desirable financing option with business owners looking at factoring as a last resort financing option.Today with our nations economy having taken a downward turn it can be more difficult for businesses to receive traditional financing through a bank. This is where factoring to its climb in popularity. With fast and easy approval as well as being a cost effective short term business financing option more and more business owners are choosing to use the services of factoring companies like ours, TCI Factoring Loans.

How TCI Factoring Loans Can Help Your Growing Business

The way factoring works is that your business receives an advance on your customer invoices. It is a simple process and they only this affecting your businesses approval is if you have high invoice totals. TCI Factoring Loans has been able to help thousands of businesses with our fast, easy and cost effective short term business financing option.

Your business can get an advance on your invoice totals, or accounts receivables, that ranges from 70% to 85%. This money will be directly deposited into your businesses bank account by TCI Factoring Loans. Our interest rates are competitive and kept low, ranging from 1% to 4% for 30 day advance and then an additional 1% for every 10 days after until the advance is repaid.

The Benefits Continue With TCI Factoring Loans

Most traditional mortgage brokers do not offer benefits to your business like we do at TCI Factoring Loans. We are not only getting you the money you need through an advance on your invoices but we also offer NO Risk financing. If a customer does not pay their invoice then your business is not responsible to repay the advance. We also handle all customer payments against their invoice. This takes away the hassle of payment collection too.

While the benefits to using our services never seem to end maybe it is time for your business to start taking advantage of it. Contact TCI Factoring Loans today and start getting the most out of your invoices.