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Who we are?

We provide quick opening of accounts, usually within 5 business days. We specialize in companies that were previously ignored by the banking industry and multiple invoices are welcome.

  • No minimum or maximum invoice size.
  • No minimum volume requirements.
  • You select the customers and invoices.
  • No contract for term.
  • No hidden or surprise fees.
  • Pick & choose any customer or invoice, with no obligation to factor all of your invoices.

We are the factor, not the Broker! You personally work with our in-house account executives and enjoy a “one-on-one” relationship.

Monument provides ‘Guaranteed’ same day funding of invoices after the initial 3-4 day account start-up and reserves are forwarded immediate ly upon collection.

We at Affiliated Funding are not “traditional” factors. We fund almost any business, and require no obligation for volume, number of invoices, or term contracts. We repeat… NO obligation !

We simply begin by filling out a two page client questionnaire, which asks brief questions about your company. There are no financial records, audits, or tax returns necessary.

When the application is submitted, we take about a day to review it, and then we call you back and let you know if we would be interested in doing business with you. Assuming that everything is fine with the application, we may decide to go to contract.

In some cases, we may wait until the first time you would like to sell your invoice (factor) and go to Contract at that time. Either way, the Contract is the next step. Also, at this time, we request a $250 (non refundable) check to investigate your receivables.

We use a TCI Factoring Loans service and a credit report to make sure your receivables are not already pledged to a bank, the URS, or possibly a silent partner in your company. The contract is only 3 pages, and it refers to the commission of fraud.

Since we take no collateral, our only security is your promise not to commit fraud. Our contract is your guarantee to us, and nothing more. After the contract is signed, the “credit line” is open. It is that simple. Now you can sell your invoices (factor) any time you desire, without obligation.

Need REFERENCES? We can provide the names and phone numbers of BANKS and their CEO’S who have referred clients to us, as well as existing CLIENTS who will be more than happy to speak with you. We want your business, and we want to keep it!

Since you are not obligated to continue with us, we work harder to ensure your account is always serviced promptly and properly. We make sure your communication with us is handled with that personal touch.

There is always SOMEONE to answer your questions and walk you through the process on each invoice you want to sell. We DO NOT have a voice maze for you to get lost in. You always speak to a REAL PERSON.

Our CEO, Dean Kean, is available to anyone at any time, within minutes to answer questions or discuss business strategy. It is comforting to know that the only decision maker you need is just a phone call away.